Au Diable Vert – the Velovolant (flying bicycles)

March 13, 2018 | Karen Pearson

Imagine you are sitting in something that looks somewhat like the seat and roll cage from a race car, without the race car around it. Imagine you are hanging from a cable 15 feet above the ground. Imagine you begin to pedal, which propels you slowly through the trees, the ground falling away until you are 60 feet or more above the ground. Imagine that it is peaceful, the only sounds made by the breeze rustling the trees, some birds chirping, and the occasional squirrel squeaking. Imagine that all you can see are the treetops surrounding you and perhaps the next rider, depending on your location along the one-kilometre trail. Imagine that the only sensation is the gentle swaying of your pod and the occasional bump as it runs over a connection in the cable.

Now imagine you have vertigo or are scared of heights. That was me exactly. Read More >

Arctic or Antarctica? Defining the Poles…

March 03, 2016 | Holli Sodomlak

They’re both cold, remote, inhospitable, and deservedly on most people’s bucket-list…but is there really much to choose between the Arctic and the Antarctic, the North and the South pole? I can tell you that there certainly is! In fact, the Arctic and the Antarctic are only similar at first glance – look just below the surface and you’ll immediately see that the poles are almost polar opposites (pun intended). Here’s how: Read More >