Tour the Caribbean & the Guyanas

Done Peru? Been to Costa Rica? You're still looking for more to do in South and Central America? Good! We've got the perfect ideas. Check out some of our interesting itineraries that take you through culture and history.

Jungle Bay, Dominica Delete Tour
starting atUS$275

From three nights

Jungle Bay, Dominica
Are you thinking about the Caribbean but don't want the crowds and the feeling of simply being a number? Our collection of Caribbean destinations offers a great choice of more unusual and delightful locations.Like Dominica, the largest of the Windward Islands, covers 289 square miles and has approximately 91 miles of coastline. The island is characterized by very rugged and steep terrain. Known as the "Nature Island of the Caribbean", the island will enchant you with its rivers, streams, waterfalls, hot sulfur springs, a boiling lake (considered the world's second largest) and four cold freshwater lakes, two of which are situated more than 2,500 feet above sea level. Come to Jungle Bay, and enjoy the Caribbean as it should be!
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The Complete Suriname Delete Tour (009079C-20)
starting atUS$2,345

10 days / 9 nights

The Complete Suriname
Our exclusive ten-day program to Suriname offers travellers the opportunity to experience the wide variety of historical and natural wonders that this marvellous destination offers. It can, of course, be combined with a few days in either Guyana or French Guiana.
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Suriname and French Guiana Delete Tour (009079A-20)
starting atUS$2,785

11 days / 10 nights

Suriname and French Guiana
History? Culture? Adventure? We've got it all. These remarkable countries, virtually unvisited by tourists, offer visitors a fascinating insight into the remote north east of South America.
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The Three Guyanas Delete Tour (009079B-20)
starting atUS$ 3,375

10 days / 9 nights

The Three Guyanas
Georgetown, the country’s crumbling colonial capital, is distinctly Caribbean with a rocking nightlife, plenty of great places to eat and an edgy market; the interior of the country is more Amazonian with its struggling Amerindian communities and unparalleled wildlife-viewing opportunities that all feel safely away from the political hoopla. Wherever you go, Guyana promises to make the trip of a lifetime.
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Guyanas Experience Delete Tour (009092-20)
starting atUS$ 3,850

15 days / 14 nights

Guyanas Experience
Arrive in Guyana. Transfer to Georgetown. Overnight at Sleepin International Inn...
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The Complete Guyanas Delete Tour
starting atUS$4,425

17 days / 16 nights

The Complete Guyanas
The perfect way to experience one of our favourite hot spots! Get a taste of all three wonderful and historical countries.
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Kabalebo Nature Resort: the Surinamese Rain Forest Delete Tour (009091-20)
starting atTBA

8 days / 7 nights

Kabalebo Nature Resort: the Surinamese Rain Forest
Day 1:
Arrive at the international airport of Paramaribo and following immigration and customs formalities you will be met and transferred to the Hotel Krasnapolsky for a three-night stay...
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