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Max Johnson


The more special your travel dream, the more we can help you get there!

We don’t travel to mundane, boring, or average destinations, and don’t think you should have to either. We believe the rest of the world deserves to be explored and our speciality is finding exclusive locations and activities to excite the most world weary traveller. For over thirty years we have worked with clients’ itineraries to virtually every corner of the world, and between us havevisited over 150 countries.

The business was started by me, Max Johnson, in 1980; partly because the idea of a job was unappealing, and partly because the travel industry seemed pretty tame to me at that time. After working with Canada’s national student travel organizations for a couple of years, I launched out and founded this business.

Since those early days the company has grown, but our focus has never changed; Interesting travel experiences for interested people.

We like to talk to our clients, find out what their interests are and create individualised programs to suit their needs. We think of ourselves as travel architects, reaching into the vast knowledge and experience of our company to find the perfect combination of experiences for each client.

From Antarctica to the Amazon, from Mongolia to Miami to Timbuktu our clients have been almost everywhere. We understand travel doesn’t always have to be rugged; we seek out fabulous train journeys, and cruises to some rather interesting ports.

We encourage you to step beyond the known, and explore some lesser parts of countries that we think that we know well; the Languedoc in France, the Western Isles of Scotland and rural New South Wales in Australia are just some of our favourites. From Azerbaijan to Lesotho and from the most remote Scottish Islands to the Sahara Desert we have scoured the world to find perfect travel opportunities for you; also, it has to be admitted, to have some fun ourselves.

Where do you want to go? Let us help!

Max Johnson
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  • Max Johnson
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