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Natalie Rozière Hébert, CTC | Groups Manager

Who is Natalie:
Natalie has been in the travel industry since 2002; from front line agent, to Groups Manager for Continental Travel and now with The Great Canadian Travel Group.  Her successes come from her stellar customer service and her desire to always better her clients’ expectations and to deliver the best travel experiences possible. Natalie has coordinated hundreds of travel itineraries for corporate incentive groups, student travel, women-only trips and community organizations.

Natalie has two children and lives outside of Winnipeg.  Her passions are: being a soccer mom, a soccer coach, DIYer (everything she touches turns to gold), an artistic painter, cooking and trying all sorts of different kinds of beer.

What are Natalie’s TOP 5 travel experiences:

  • Cliff jumping in Corsano, Italy
  • Zip lining and the Superman cables in Costa Rica
  • Hearing the call to prayer in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Rappelling in Zion National Park, Utah
  • Escorting 16 students to Greece

What is Natalie’s closing comment?
Only you alone can change your stars, do not be afraid. Just do it!

New from Natalie Rozière Hébert, CTC

To Kelowna with Love

October 30, 2017 | Natalie Hébert

How should you spend less than 48hrs in Kelowna you may ask?  By visiting as many wineries as you possibly can while also enjoying fine dinning and keeping active on a cross-city bike tour, of course!

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