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Syvia Bartlett


Who is Sylvia:
Sylvia was born and raised on a farm in Southeastern Manitoba.   Sylvia started working as a travel consultant for Holiday Travel in Steinbach, in 1991 which grew into a management position. She took a break from the travel industry for 10 years to raise her two beautiful daughters. 

Sylvia recently joined the staff of Great Canadian Travel in March 2017 and is looking forward to this new exciting opportunity.  She has had the privilege of travelling the world extensively and has a passion for adventure travel.  When planning the perfect itinerary for her clients she always uses the same attention to detail as she would for herself.

What are Sylvia’s TOP 5 travel experiences:

  • Whitewater kayaking in New Zealand – went over a 21 foot waterfall!
  • Hiking between the charming villages in Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Visited the magnificent Great Wall of China
  • Having dinner at the base of Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica; watching lava spew out of the mountain on a dark night was breathtaking!
  • Scuba diving in Australia at the Great Barrier Reef where some of the fish were bigger than me.

What is Sylvia’s closing comment:
“In the end, it doesn’t matter how many breaths you take but how many moments took your breath away.”  – Shing Xiong


Friday, January 19, 2018

Ireland Speaks to Me Like No Other Place on Earth

My maternal Grandma, Hannah Muirhead, emigrated to Canada from County Antrim, Ireland (now part of Northern Ireland) back in the late 1800’s.  Two of her brothers and a sister had sailed to Canada a few years earlier.  Sadly, her sister died of black fever on the crossing and was buried at sea, but her brothers arrived safely and made their way west to homestead at the Derry Corner, near Douglas, Manitoba. They then invited Hannah to come and join them. I can’t imagine leaving my family and everything that was familiar to me and sailing across the Atlantic to an unknown place, all at the age of 19. The courage to do that seems unimaginable.  Read More >

Friday, January 12, 2018

Now That’s How to Go “Postal”, In the Very Best Way!

Every now and again I read something that makes me say “H’uh? Really? Wow!”, and this story was one of those.

Posted by Yahoo Lifestyle based on a posting to Reddit, it’s about a tourist that drew a map on an envelope in lieu of an address to a remote farm in Iceland, and it actually got delivered! Read More >

Friday, September 8, 2017

10 Reasons Why You Still Need a Travel Agent Consultant


In the age of online booking sites, using a travel consultant may feel like going the way of the dinosaur.  But, consultants are more useful than simply selling airline tickets, trips to Disney World and cruises. Many consultants provide services or have knowledge that you just can’t get online – and sometimes, especially in times of crisis, working with a real live person is just plain superior. Read More >

  • To speak directly to a travel consultant, call our toll free line at 1-800-661-3830. Our consultants are available to accept your calls Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm (local time).
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