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Imagine watching a polar bear cross the tundra; experience what it’s like to witness two million wildebeest; antelopes and zebra in their migration across the endless African plains; or feel the warmth of a hot tub pool fed by a glacier, while staring at a rumbling volcano and trying not to think of the “hidden people” in Iceland. A cruise anywhere from the Mediterranean to either poles, safaris in Africa or Canada’s Arctic, trails from Ireland to Iceland – we make your adventure dreams possible.

We have been making our clients’ travel dreams a reality since 1980. We are a team of 22 passionate and experienced travel consultants who, assisted by many local partners around the world, specialize in the Arctic & Antarctic, Europe, Africa and cruising. Bring us your travel dream wish list and let us transform your ideas into a personalized itinerary you will never forget!

We understand that your Adventure can take many forms. Let us help with a relaxing week on a Caribbean beach; a family stay in a European villa; a train or cruise journey; a wildlife viewing safari; gazing in amazement at a polar bear or the Northern Lights.


Your Adventure Awaits
  • To speak directly to a travel consultant, call our toll free line at 1-800-661-3830. Our consultants are available to accept your calls Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm (local time).
  • Welcome Continental Travel Group
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