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The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas

October 25, 2017 | Archived Blogs

Friday, November 22, 1963 was a regular day. A light rain was falling in the morning, but a crowd gathered alongside the streets. The Kennedys were coming. There was excitement in the air as the President’s car turned off Main Street at Dealey Plaza. As it was passing by the Texas School Book Depository, gunshots rung out in the air.

At 12:30 p.m., on Friday, November 22, 1963, President Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated.

There is now an X that marks the spot of this tragic ending. Watching the traffic camera that is now perched in that sixth floor window shows some cars purposely avoiding driving over that spot. A museum, located within the former Texas School Book Depository building. As you wander the sixth floor, the floor where the shooter stood as he squeezed the trigger, a silence that can be cut with a knife is felt in the air.

You are not allowed to take pictures of the room where Lee Harvey Oswald pulled the trigger. The boxes of books piled in front the window just like they were in 1963.  But the next window over, you can see the vantage point of what would be if you were in the same room, staring at that little X on the road below.

The main exhibit is called, John F. Kennedy and the Memory of a Nation, and is all on the sixth floor of the building. On the seventh floor, are the special exhibits and public programs. If you find yourself in Dallas, stop by this interesting museum and watch the cars drive down Dealey Plaza purposely avoid driving over the spot where JFK was shot