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What Not to Wear Travelling

April 28, 2021 | Allison Silvaggio

We all remember Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from their 10 seasons of “What Not to Wear”.  In travel, we read quite a few blogs on how to dress in certain destinations for certain types of tours.  Here is how we can expand on this, advising what we shouldn’t wear.

The first item that comes to mind, mainly due to the safety, is a long scarf or camera strap while viewing wildlife.  If you have travelled to Churchill, Manitoba before to view the polar bears from the Tundra Vehicle, you may have been warned about this.  While on the outside viewing area at the back of the vehicle travellers should not lean over the side, as the bears can stand up which puts their front paws quite close to any loose clothing potentially hanging over.

Next would be flip flops or sandals on an expedition cruise.  Most companies include the use of muck boots for both Zodiac and land excursions.  However, you will still be required to have comfortable, sturdy shoes for your time on the vessel.  Much of your time can be spent outside on the deck viewing scenery and wildlife, and weather conditions can make this area quite slippery.

When travelling to Iceland, I would recommend you leave your umbrella at home. With the exception of time spent in Reykjavik, when travelling around Iceland on the Ring Road, winds can be quite high in some areas.  Travellers are better equipped with good quality rainwear (waterproof jacket and pants) or a rain poncho.

We also recommend that you not to travel with strong perfumes or fancy jewelry.  Leave these items safely at home. Try a more natural essential oil such as lemongrass, which can also deter certain types of insects.

Take care & happy travels!