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Taking Care of You!

March 01, 2022 | Allison Silvaggio

There are so many things that we miss when it comes to travel, such as exploring new places, trying new things and meeting new people.  What I miss the most, are those extremely peaceful moments where you can just take it all in.  Whether you are enjoying a beautiful hike, or standing on the Antarctic Peninsula surrounded by penguins, those moments that you take to look around and just breath.  Examine the flora, count the penguins or search the beauty in each unique iceberg.

Shortly before the pandemic began, I decided to apply for the 200-hour yoga teacher’s training, mainly to deepen my own personal practice.  I had been practicing yoga for over 12 years and found it to be a huge part of my life, helping to keep me grounded and, most importantly, positive.  Towards the end of 2020, I had completed the 200-hour teacher’s course.  This accomplishment helped me immensely, especially on those days when it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After spending the first year voluntarily teaching online, I am now teaching one class per week and loving it!


My passion for yoga along with over 25 years in travel has led to my interest to ‘Wellness Travel.’  There are several fantastic options, from hiking in the rainforest to be one with nature, joining a yoga and meditation retreat or experiencing a culinary and spa package.  Taking care of yourself should be important, as we need to focus on what makes us happy and complete.  It’s been an emotional and trying two years, and I now feel that it is time to rebuild ourselves, our lifestyles, our happiness!

Please contact our office for more ideas on wellness travel, and make sure that you take care of you!