Meet Our Team

Amelia Bearhart | Company Mascot

Who is Amelia Bearhart – The Great Canadian Travel Bear:
She is a very important member of our Great Canadian Travel team. Since joining us in February 2018 she has already travelled to some neat places like Mexico, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Arctic Canada, Antarctica and more! She’s got lots more exciting travels coming up in her calendar. She can’t book anything for you because, being a polar bear, she doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so isn’t very good at typing or dialling phones. And bears tend to not be good at grammar so we can’t let her write letters or emails. But, she can give you lots of tips about places she’s been and places she wants to go, especially the Arctic which she called home before she moved to the big city.

Since she’s already an animal, when asked what animal she’d be if she was an animal, she said she’d still choose to be a polar bear, because polar bears are not only very photogenic and look fabulous in red, they are also very adept at finding food under thick sea ice and providing for their families.

Watch our Facebook page and our Instagram (@GreatCdnTravel) for updates of her adventures. You can email her travel or polar bear questions to and she’d be happy to answer you (with some help with the typing)! Share with your friends so they can ask her questions, too!