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Natalie Rozière Hébert, CTC | Groups Manager

Who is Natalie:
Natalie has been in the travel industry since 2002; from front line agent, to Groups Manager for Continental Travel and now with The Great Canadian Travel Group.  Her successes come from her stellar customer service and her desire to always better her clients’ expectations and to deliver the best travel experiences possible. Natalie has coordinated hundreds of groups for corporate incentives, student travel, women-only trips and community organizations. She has travelled all around the world and most often it’s only for a few days. Her reasons to travel are to scout out locations for her group clients: see, touch, feel and bring back her experiences to give you confidence in the destination and with the people leading you through it.

Natalie has two children and lives outside of Winnipeg.  Her passions are: being a soccer mom, a soccer coach, DIYer (everything she touches turns to gold), an artistic painter, cooking and trying all sorts of different kinds of beer.

What are Natalie’s TOP 5 travel experiences:

  • Cliff jumping/rappelling and zip-lining all over the world
  • Israel – all of it!
  • Hearing the call to prayer in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake – she goes every year
  • Escorting 16 students to Greece

What is Natalie’s closing comment?
Only you alone can change your stars, do not be afraid. Just do it!

New from Natalie Rozière Hébert, CTC

Natalie’s Travels

May 03, 2019 | Natalie Rozière Hébert

Ok, so last time you heard from me was this past summer after my 3-day Colombia trip. It’s been nonstop since the Fall, and when I sit and think about all the places I have been to in just the past 9 months, it’s crazy! How I manage all that travelling, a house and 2 kids plus 1 cat? I have amazing support from my parents, to the neighbour who plowed my driveway all year, to great friends, coworkers and school teachers and day cares that all know my life is nonstop craziness. Lucky for them I always have amazing stories to tell and I bring back souvenirs.

Here is how the rest of my year, and new year, went…

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