Feel Good Client Feedback during COVID-19

June 16, 2020 | Lois Farley

We always love to receive feedback and client testimonials! And during these challenging times we continue to receive very heartfelt and warm letters of gratitude for the work that we’ve done (and continue to do) to assist our clients. And somehow, knowing we’re getting through hard times together makes it even more meaningful. Here are some of the messages we’ve received:

  • The dedication and charity that you and your staff are showing is astounding, Ian. I will never forget it and will retell it many times.
  • I would like to commend Martha Banias for the amazing assistance she provided me in getting my son Kevin home from France just before the flights ended. She went above and beyond the call of duty and was a real angel of mercy. (This client’s son had booked his flights “online” and couldn’t receive any assistance from the online company)
  • Hi Sanda, I’m sooo sorry I haven’t reached out sooner but I just wanted to let you know that my dad made it home safely with the second set of flights you booked. Thank you sooo soooo sooo much for all of your efforts in trying to make everything work out as best as possible! It is soo appreciated beyond words! Thank you for all you did to help will never be enough! Hope you are doing well and staying safe, Thank you again!
  • Just finished reading all of your article and it was so well done and interesting reading! Congratulations on a very professionally run travel business! I have always booked with Martha Banias and will again as soon as we are safe to go. She is a top notch consultant and have always been pleased with her assistance and her humor!  Let’s all stay safe and patient for the world to return to truly living and travel!
  • I got it all. Thank You Sandra. I am looking forward to book my vacation with You again next time. Very professional.
  • While I’m sad to have cancelled what would have been an amazing European adventure this summer, I can’t thank Allison at Great Canadian Travel enough for her support and efforts to recover a good portion of what I had already booked – refunds and not credits. I am so happy I used a travel agent for this trip. Thank you to her and all the travel agents who are working overtime to provide excellent customer service during a very stressful time. Once this surreal time is over the first thing I’ll be doing is booking a new trip. So much of this big beautiful world still to explore.
  • Early this year Yvonne booked KLM tickets for us to go to Europe, returning back to Edmonton on April 01. The Covid-19 epidemic derailed all travel plans and we were stuck at our destination, unable to fly back. We contacted Yvonne via email, explained our situation and within hours we had our KLM tickets rescheduled. Escalation of Covid worldwide forced KLM to cancel our tickets three times. Each time Yvonne patiently re-booked the tickets.