Metych & Stroemich – COVID-19 rescue from Poland

June 15, 2020 | Lois Farley

Mrs. Yvonne Sacilot has been helping us with our travels for over ten years now. First, we used her services when she was with Butte Travel. She has been very helpful, resourceful and responding to our needs immediately. We travel relatively frequently, at least once a year, to Europe and Yvonne has been meeting our needs without failure.

Her recent dedication to our difficult travel situation requires special mention. Early this year Yvonne booked for us KLM tickets to Poland returning back to Edmonton on April 01. The Covid-19 epidemic derailed all travel plans and we were stuck in Poland unable to fly back. We contacted Yvonne via email, explained our situation and within hours we had our KLM tickets rescheduled. Unfortunately, escalation of Covid worldwide forced KLM to cancel our tickets three times, with the last return booked for May-19. Each time Yvonne patiently re-booked the tickets. Eventually, when it became clear that commercial flights from Poland would not be resumed for several more months, we decided to be repatriated to Canada on a special Polish Airlines LOT flight facilitated by the Canadian Embassy in Warsaw. This flight, however, was only to Toronto and again Yvonne helped us with tickets to Edmonton. Without her help we are not sure our return to Canada would be that smooth.

Next time when we are ready to book a flight, we will contact Yvonne without hesitation. We have recommended Yvonne’s services to our friends and we will continue doing so. We congratulate you on having such an outstanding employee!