Across the North

March 18, 2017 | Lois Farley

I had an amazing time in both Churchill and Yellowknife, and was extremely fortunate to have been able to view everything that I was hoping for. In Churchill, kayaking with the Beluga whales is such an incredible experience – to have dozens of them literally within arms length is so exhilarating.

I travelled during early September, which is not yet polar bear season in Churchill but I was fortunate enough to have been able to spot not just one, but two polar bears wandering the coast of the Hudson! To top off my amazing adventure, I was extremely lucky to have been able to view the Aurora Borealis in Yellowknife. To have the sky light up and dance for you – I could not have asked for a better finish to my trip. All the local guides were friendly and welcoming and definitely made my trip all the more enjoyable. Organising with The Great Canadain Travel Company was very easy. The service was friendly and professional, and the itinerary provided was very informative and made keeping track of things effortless. Thank you!