Belley, Sarah – Hurtigruten

June 11, 2018 | Andrea Rempel

This trip was amazing. When Bob started dreaming about Norway, I don’t think he thought we could see so many amazing things. We both saw more than we ever dreamed of. Thank you for helping us to plan this dream.

First, we figured out that the price of everything is very high, especially alcohol. Do not buy alcohol there, it is way too expensive. I am glad we brought extra money to spend, we were able to do so many excursions.

First was Oslo, we walked a lot in that city. The Viking museum was great, but I have to say, my favorite was the Nobel Peace Center. The hotel was next to the train station so the Norway in a Nutshell Tour was only a few steps away. This was a long train, bus and boat tour and I am very happy we did it in two days. It was very beautiful. I understand why this tour is so popular.

We were able to see a huge variety of scenery on this tour. In the middle was Flam, a beautiful little town lost in the middle of a fjord. Of course, this place is contaminated by big cruise ships, but in general, it is very special. In Bergen, the hotel was again facing the train station. We had an evening and half a day to discover that city, it was like a postcard.

We embarked on the MS Nordlys in the late afternoon. The boat is great! The perfect size to make friends and not be surrounded by kids. The food is great, but I could not have more fish after eating it for twelve days. On the boat, the expedition team is a must. Not all the boats have such a team, but they make the experience complete. They gave us a lot of information and showed us lots of interesting points along the way. I feel like we took the most interesting expeditions.

On the boat, what they don’t tell you is that you can’t find a good moment to sleep. The boat doesn’t stop during the night and with the light all night, you don’t want to close your eyes. The cruise is better in the summer because you get to go in many fjords the boat does not go in during the winter because of the avalanches.  You often get a chance to go ashore even if it is only for half an hour, it is fun. The best excursions were the midnight concert in the Tromso Cathedral, the Viking feast and the Sami Culture, but everything was great!!!!!