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We know everyone is interested in different tours when planning their trip to the island. Take it from us, this sampling highlights only a few of the activity-based day trips you can choose, but there are many more excellent options not listed.

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Tour Notes
  • Walk on a glacier or climb an ice-wall
  • See Iceland from a different angle while river rafting or jet boating
  • Snorkel or scuba-dive in crystal clear waters at Silfra
  • Ride through lava fields on an Icelandic horse, a unique breed
  • Go caving or enter into the heart of an extinct volcano

Tell us what activity you are interested in and we can match up the tours that best suit your needs. We offer tours starting in Reykjavik, Akureyri, Isafjordur and Skaftafell, or if you’re on a self-drive, in numerous places along the way. Just ask!

Seasonal – please contact us for more details.

Most pricing is shown per person in ISK (Icelandic Kronur). Prices are based on seasonality and are subject to change by the tour operators without notice. Entry fees may apply that are not included in the rates.

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Blue Ice – Solheimajokull Glacier Walk

Glacier Hike and Ice Climbing on Solheimajokull.
On this fun, safe and easy to moderate glacier walk you get to explore the wonderland of ice sculptures, water cauldrons, ridges and deep crevasses on the breathtaking Sólheimajökull glacier. Tour starts from the parking lot at the end of the Solheimajokull road. There is a 30-40 min walk from the parking lot to the glacier.

Adult: ISK9,900; Child (11-15): ISK5,450

This glacier walk can also be taken from Reykjavik including pick up and drop off at your hotel and transportation to/from the glacier.

Adult: ISK25,900; Child (11-15): ISK11,950

River Fun

Enjoy a beautiful landscape from a totally different angle! Glacier river rafting on the Hvita River (pronounced kveetow).

Adult: ISK13,990

Rental equipment and add-ons: Towel ISK400; Waterproof camera ISK2,990; Lunch at rafting base camp ISK1,890; BBQ for afternoon departures ISK3,490

Underworld Caving

This guided tour lets you explore the hidden underground system of lava caves. You will be equipped with lights and caving gear in order to enjoy the display of colours, shapes and textures while the guide informs you about the cave and tells stories of trolls, elves and outlaws. The caves were untouched for thousands of years and offer a unique experience. Lava tube caving is the exploration of a tube-like caves hidden right under our feet in the vast fields of ancient lava that covers much of Iceland. You will get to experience moments of profound serenity in an alien environment on this adventurous tour. This tour requires some crawling and walking on uneven ground, but it is otherwise an easy activity that families can do together. Be sure to bring good walking or hiking shoes and gloves.

Adult: ISK9,890

Rental equipment: Hiking shoes ISK1,000; Waterproof jacket ISK2,000; Waterproof pants ISK1,000

Snorkelling Silfra

Snorkelling in Thingvellir National Park.
The Silfra lava fissure is one of Iceland’s best-kept secrets. Silfra, which is situated in the heart of Pingvellir – the site of the world’s oldest parliament – is an otherworldly scene. The crystal clear water in the deep fissure gives you a feeling of being weightless as you float down with the lazy current. After an hour of snorkelling we climb out and on to the riverbank to enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate and some light refreshments.

With Reykjavik pick up and drop off: ISK22,990; meet at Thingvellir ISK17,990

Diving Silfra

Tour as above but scuba diving in Silfra lava fissure rather than snorkelling. PADI certification required. If some of your party are certified and others aren’t, you can combine scuba diving and snorkelling at the same time.

Price: ISK44,990

Silfra and Lava Caving

This tour offers a great combination for those who want to make the most of their time in Iceland. On this trip you will get to snorkel or scuba dive through one of the world’s most fantastic snorkel and dive sites, Silfra, as well as go hiking through a lava tube that was created thousands of years ago by a river of red glowing lava.

With snorkelling: ISK34,990

With scuba diving: ISK56,990 – PADI certification required.

Geothermal Hot Spring Tour

Snorkeling in bubbling hot springs is usually impossible as the water is far too hot, but the hot springs at the bottom of Lake Kleifarvatn provide us with the opportunity to do just that! Lake Kleifarvatn is hidden within a stunning volcanic landscape just 30 minutes outside of Reykjavík. Standing at the lake shore and changing into your dry suit, you will probably catch a whiff of the sulphur emitted from nearby hot springs and the total silence will let you forget that you are anywhere near civilization.

With snorkelling: ISK24,990

With scuba diving: ISK44,990 – PADI certification required

Ocean Diver Tour

On the Ocean Diver Day Tour you will join the undersea inhabitants of the North Atlantic for a swim through Iceland’s cool coastal scene. Our favourite local ocean dive site is Garður, located at the tip of the Reykjanes peninsula. Here we will swim out approximately 80 meters from the shore. Kelp forests offer a great habitat for a number of marine species, including lumpsuckers, nudibranchs, and a wide variety of invertebrates. Colourful algae also flourish here off the coast of Iceland. You will most likely notice pairs of eyes sticking out of the sandy patches of the ocean floor where the flounders live. Soft orange coral also intermittently decorates the sandy ocean floor. In the area of the kelp forests, a wolf fish might pay you an unexpected visit or stick its head out of a pile of rocks, looking a bit like a prehistoric creature. We will pick you up at your hotel in the Reykjavik area and bring you back afterwards and offer you some light snacks during the dive break. The pick up time of this tour depends on the tides. We usually want to end our second dive around the peak of the high tide. Note that ocean dives in Iceland depend on the weather and it can happen that scheduled ocean dive trips have to be cancelled due to unfortunate weather conditions. If that is the case we usually have a plan B and can offer you other dive sites, such as Bjaragia, Kleifarvatn or Silfra that do not depend on the weather as much.

With scuba diving: ISK44,990 – PADI certification required

Lava Horseback Riding

Ride one of the friendly Icelandic horses through lava fields. Riding time 1.5-2 hours. Available year round including transfers from Reykjavik.

Adult: US$97; Child (under 12): US$48

Horses and Gulfoss Geysir

This tour gives you a taste of it all. Join a ride through lava fields and across beautiful hillsides. Riding time 1.5-2 hours. Operates year round and includes transfers from Reykjavik and a picnic lunch.

Adult: US$178; Child (under 12): US$89

Horses and the Blue Lagoon

Your ride follows smooth riding tracks through bushy hills and moss covered lava fields. See the variation in the lava fields depending on their age and enjoy the different shapes of the lava. After a ride of 1.5-2 hours we drive to the fabulous Blue Lagoon where you can choose to swim in the mineral rich water, enjoy a massage or just relax and enjoy the facilities. Entry fee to the Blue Lagoon is not included and must be booked in advance if you want to swim or use the spa facilities.

Adult: US$134; Child (under 12): US$67

Viking Tour

Do you want to test the strength of the Icelandic horse? Are you an experienced rider? Then this longer riding tour is perfect for you! We ride for about 4.5-5 hours on excellent riding paths across stunning lava fields, crossing Kaldá River, around Mt. Helgafell or into Heiðmörk Nature Park. Our Viking Tour starts with an introductory ride in the morning. After lunch at the Riding Centre we head out again and try the different gaits of the Icelandic horse. Be prepared to ride trot, tölt or a short canter and really experience the versatility of the Icelandic horse.

Adult: US$167

Hot Springs Hunt

Hiking day tour to the hot springs outside Reykjavík in Mt. Hengill and Reykjadalur Valley in Iceland. This easy hiking tour starts with a pick up from your hotel in Reykjavik and a drive out into the countryside. Starting from the outskirts of Hveragerði, the town of hot springs and flowers, it leads into the beautiful geothermal valley of Reykjadalur. In the “Steamvalley” naturally hot water flows down of the slopes of Hellisheiði mountain range, creating the ideal place to bathe in an naturally hot river. The valley also has an amazing abundance of geothermal hot springs and you will witness everything from small gurgling melting pots to vibrant super heated pools of water. After exploring these wonders of nature we hike back down into the town of Hveragerði. This is a great 7 km, half-day trek that everyone can participate in. A unique chance to experience the local way of visiting the hot springs for a bath.

Adult: ISK12,990

Rental equipment: Hiking shoes ISK1,000; Walking poles ISK1,500; Waterproof jacket ISK2,000; Waterproof pants ISK1,000

Inside the Volcano

Descend 120 meters/400 feet into a dormant volcano that erupted 4,000 years ago. The dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano (good luck trying to pronounce it) is a unique natural phenomenon. By setting up the necessary gear and equipment, the operator has created a tour that opens the door to a new world. A moderate level of fitness is required for this tour, as access to the site requires a 45-50 minute walk each way over rocky terrain. Operates 15 May-30 September.

Price: ISK42,000

Into the Glacier

This day tour with Reykjavik Excursions gives you the opportunity to enjoy a day full of adventures, departing from Reykjavik in our comfortable buses. You will get the opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy one of the world’s greatest wilderness; Iceland’s second largest glacier – even from the inside! Never before has anyone been able to see the beautiful blue ice at the heart of the glacier. No doubt this will be a truly memorable day.

The drive to Langjokull glacier is very scenic and on the way, we make a stop by Hraunfossar waterfalls. “Hraun” in Icelandic means lava and the lava at Hraunfossar waterfalls actually came from one of Langjokul glacier’s volcanic eruptions ages ago. At Langjokul glacier’s edge, specially modified glacier vehicles will take care of the ride up to the glacier and to the ice caves – and what a ride it is! On the giant glacier itself, you will have time to enjoy the stunning environment and view. The walk inside the glacier itself takes around one hour and is operated with highly experienced English speaking guides.

Price: Adult (age 16+) ISK29,900; Teenager (age 12-15) ISK14,950; Children (age 0-11) free

Into Ice and Lava

We leave early from Reykjavík and catch the crisp morning view of the Langjökull Glacier where the Ice Cave is situated. Langjökull is 953 sq/km, or the second largest glacier in Iceland. Step on board our all new bus fleet, equipped with computer tablets in each seat. On the tablets you can use our GPS Sensitive In Bus Audio Guide, available in 10 languages. So, if you wish to know interesting facts about Iceland and the places you will visit on the tour in a language that you are comfortable with, that is very possible. Onboard you will also find a USB Charger and free WiFi. Should you have any questions during the tour you can ask the host who will happily assist you.

You soon learn that in Iceland everything is possible – before you know it you suddenly find yourself standing on top of an Ice Cap and about to begin your descent down below the surface to explore what lies beneath.

In order to get there we step aboard a specially-modified glacier vehicle. The Ice Tunnel or Ice Cave is a man made glacier cave situated high up in a remote area in the heart of Iceland. Your guide will explain how global warming has begun to affect the glacial environment. Once there, your expert guide will take you on a magical journey deep within the glacier. You get to see stunning blue-hued glacier ice and wonderful glacier formations. The glacier is in constant motion and we can witness that movement of nature itself firsthand. The temperature inside the glacier is usually around zero degrees Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit.

Until very recently what lay beneath the surface of Langjökull was a mystery. Sometimes bold ideas can become a reality, but the realization of creating this fantastic Ice Cave was only possible through the dedication and expertise of Iceland´s top engineers and geo physicists.

After our ice cave tour we get back on the glacier truck and head back to the basecamp where your driver will be waiting to take you to the small and charming village of Húsafell. You have the opportunity to have a packed lunch befure we head on to explore the mightiest lava cave in Iceland, Víðgelmir, which is just shy of 1600 metres / 5250ft making it one of the largest lava caves in the world. Your guide will show you and explain the amazing features of the cave, e.g. the wonderful colours, lava stalactites and stalagmites etc.

The lava field was formed during a destructive eruption in the 10th century that originated under Langjökull. The cave is mentioned in a written source dating back to 1398, and evidence of human presence dating back to the Viking Age(983-986) were discovered in 1993. The Lava Cave tour is extremely family friendly, thanks to our all new signature walkway and feature lighting. Afterwards we take a scenic route back to Reykjavík.

Price: Adult (age 16+) ISK39,990; Teenager (age 9-15) ISK19,995; Children (4-8) free

Earphones for audio guide in bus: ISK1,000 per person (all ages)

The Secret Ice Cave

Join us for an exploration of a secret ice cave along the South Coast of Iceland. On the way to the cave from Reykjavík, you will see a picturesque landscape that features the stark contrast of black sandy earth, mossy green mountains, and the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. After enjoying these gorgeous views, we arrive at the ice cave nestled in a location known only to a few. As we follow the path into the cave, you will notice the glistening walls and high ceiling made of ice that has been artfully sculpted by glacial water. The sounds of black sand crunching beneath our feet and water dripping inside the ice cave are the soundtrack for our adventure. We will weave along a path before entering an epic opening in the ice cave that features its own sunroof. The light shining on the icy walls showcases the unique characteristics of this secret gem. Later on, we follow the front of the outlet glacier where it is standing high with ash covered ice wall, which forms the high contrast between the surrounding mountains and the glacier itself. The location of this cave allows for stunning views of the surrounding scenery.

Following our exploration of the fantastic secret ice cave, we stop near the Black Sand Beach at Hjörleifshöfði mountain area to experience more breathtaking Icelandic nature. Those who are coming from Reykjavík will enjoy one more scenic stop at Seljalandsfoss waterfall before heading back to their accommodation.

Please note that ice caves are natural phenomena and the conditions can change depending on weather. Your safety is our first priority so sometimes our tours may be cancelled with short notice due to weather conditions or safety concerns. If this happens we will always do our best to offer you an alternative tour if weather permits.

Price: ISK29,900 (age 10+)

Minimum age: 10

South Shore, Glacier Walk and Ice Climbing

A fun and adventurous day on the South Shore.
On this South Shore adventure heading to Sólheimajökull glacier, we combine our popular glacier walks with an easy introduction to ice climbing and visits to the two impressive waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. As we explore the majestic landscapes of Sólheimajökull glacier, including water cauldrons, ridges, and deep
crevasses, we search for a suitable spot to rig up our gear for a short introduction to ice climbing. After a short introduction, everyone will get a chance to have a go at a fun and easy ice climbing experience. This tour perfectly combines the natural exploration of a glacier walk with the thrill of ice climbing in a fun and accessible way. Don’t
forget your camera, you will want to share this experience with your friends and family.

From Price: ISK27,900 (age 14+)

Minimum age: 14

Glacier Snowmobile and Ice Cave Tour

An exciting snowmobile adventure tour on Langjökull, Iceland’s second largest glacier and a visit to a totally magical natural ice cave. This is the ultimate glacier tour from Reykjavík – experience all that Icelandic glaciers can offer!

Price: Adult (age 17+) ISK34,990 (sharing snowmobile), ISK40,990 (solo use snowmobile); Children (under 17, rider) ISK17,495

Thorsmork Volcano Hike

A challenging hike from Thorsmork valley up to Fimmvorduhals pass, the home of the new craters Magni and Modi. If you are looking for a great hike with stunning landscape then this is the tour for you.

Price: Adult ISK29,990 (age 14+)
Equipment rental:
Hiking Poles ISK1,000
Hiking shoes ISK1,000
Waterproof jacket ISK1,000
Waterproof pants ISK1,000
Minimum age: 14

  • Varies by tour. Please inquire.
  • Day tours booked as “stand alone” and not in combination with an escorted tour, self-drive or accommodation booking may be assessed a booking fee. Ask your travel consultant for details.
Not Included
  • Airfare to/from Iceland
  • Transfers not indicated
  • Meals and beverages unless listed in tour description
  • Gratuities to guides
  • Travel insurance
  • Items of a personal nature
Tour Notes

These tours can be as active as you’d like them to be! Ask us for more suggestions!

We offer many more day tours than those shown above. If you have a specific interest we can match a tour to suit your needs in areas all around Iceland. Just ask.

Activity tours can be added to our self-drive programs on a pre-booked and pre-paid basis, thus guaranteeing you space on the tours you want to do. Day tours do sell out well in advance during certain times of the year, depending on the type of tour and size of group. Avoid disappointment and book ahead!

Many day tours can be quoted as private tours for your party – please inquire.

Disclaimer: We do our utmost to ensure that information posted on our website is correct at the time of publication, however trip details are subject to change without notice by the suppliers and operators involved. We update the information as soon as possible when changes are advised to us, however, we cannot assume responsibility for such changes made by the suppliers and operators.