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Travel Styles

Active holidays usually get you going and involved, whether it be exploring the world walking, biking, hiking, running, kayaking or skiing. But, they might also take the activity down a notch on a yoga escape or wellness retreat. There's no right or wrong way to be active - as Nike ™ would say "Just Do It"!
Escorted Tours
On an escorted tour you will be accompanied by a guide for all or most of your land program. Unless it’s designated as a special Escorted Group Tour, you’ll travel independently from your home city to join the group. Your tour guide will provide lots of information during the tour and peace of mind.
Expedition Cruises
Expedition cruising gets you up close to your destination, its people and wildlife. Using much smaller ships than mainstream ocean cruises, you can sail into small spaces and get on and off the ship quickly, to maximize your time. These cruises generally aren't luxurious, but you'll be well taken care of and travel with a small group of like-minded people.
Independent Touring
Independent programs may include some locally guided tours or may be completely un-guided, giving you maximum flexibility to "do your own thing". We can custom design most programs to give you exactly the right level of independence you are looking for.
Northern Lights
Be awestruck by the most spectacular show on earth! We offer programs in Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Norway and Russia to see the Aurora Borealis in all its natural splendour! They're also often seen in Northern Ireland and Scotland during the winter months.
Ocean Cruises
Sail the stunning fjords of Norway or the jagged coastline of British Columbia and Alaska, where whales abound. Explore the South Pacific cultures and lifestyle or cruise over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, kept company by playful dolphins. Transit the Panama Canal or weave amongst the Galapagos Islands.
Polar Bears & Belugas
See majestic polar bears, the king of the Arctic, in their natural habitat out on the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba, in Arctic Canada, Alaska or Spitsbergen in Norway. In the summer months, travel to Churchill and Arctic Canada to see Beluga whales by the hundreds and their young calves, kayak amongst them or even take a swim with them!
Rail Journeys
Travel by rail on the ultimate Trans-Siberian Express from Russia across Siberia and Mongolia to China; the romantic Orient Express from London to Venice; through the rugged Canadian mountains on The Rocky Mountaineer; through Scotland's highlands and alongside her lochs on the Royal Scotsman; search for Northern Lights in Russia or explore Africa on Rovos Rail. We love trains!
River Cruises
Relax in comfort aboard your river cruise ship and watch the world go by! River cruising offers the opportunity to explore cities, towns, villages and the countryside along the way, on guided tours, walks or bicycle. Meals are taken on the ship and the small number of cabins allows for you to really get to know your fellow travellers.
Unique Adventures
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing", Helen Keller. To each of us, what adventure means is different. To travellers, it usually means being on the hunt for unique adventures; stepping out of our comfort zone; exploring the rarely explored; learning new ways to think, live and view the world. Unique adventures should affect us at the very core of who we are.  


Escorted Groups
Our escorted group tours give you security and peace of mind knowing you are fully guided for your entire trip, with all the little details taken care of. Custom designed to fit your group’s particular needs and special interests, our group programs are created to include exactly what you want, to fit into your group's interests and expectations. You dream it, we’ll plan it!

Meetings & Incentives
Did you know that travel is the most motivational incentive you can offer your staff? Let your employees know how much you value them and appreciate their efforts! Your staff will take notice of travel rewards and you will see results that far exceed those from other incentives, such as increased productivity, teamwork and camaraderie.


Our experienced, well-travelled and highly educated team of travel consultants are ready to assist you in turning your travel dreams into reality! What's your next dream destination?