Meet Our Experts

We are a group of experienced, well-travelled and highly educated travel consultants who derive inspiration from helping you plan your journey to a dream destination.

We have all attained the CTC designation. This designation is awarded by The Association for Canadian Travel Agents, which represents the approximately 18,000 agents in Canada. Only 10% of those agents have successfully challenged the exam necessary to achieve their CTC designation. We are very proud that all Great Canadian Travel Group travel consultants are amongst this top 10% group!

In the past two years we have travelled to the places on our website and more, and experienced many of the tours and ideas presented.

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Ian Kalinowsky, B.A., B. Comm, CFA, CTC, CTM
President & CEO

Margot Kalinowsky
Tour Programmer / Administration

Oksana Szwaluk, CTC
Airfare & Ticketing Specialist

Lois Farley, CTC
Product Manager

Shauna Cook, CTC
Travel Consultant

Arnie Hydamaka
Africa Specialist

Allison Silvaggio, CTC
Travel Consultant

Corina Parisien, CTC

Karen Pearson, CTC
Travel Consultant

In Memoriam – Diane DeMare, CTC
Outside Sales Agent

Martha Banias, CTC
Travel Consultant

Pearl McCallum, CTC, CTM
General Manager

Charlene Underhill, CTC
Independent Travel Consultant

Sandra Jensen, CTC
Travel Consultant

Yvonne Sacilot, CTC
Travel Consultant

Diane Monnier, CTC
Independent Travel Consultant

Trish Middleton, CTC
Travel Consultant

Lindsay Ruffeski, CTC
Travel Consultant

Amelia Bearhart
Company Mascot

Nicole Fell

John Lelis, BHM
Travel Consultant

Tianna Evans
Office Assistant