Polar Bear Tours

From Churchill to Alaska, and over to Spitsbergen; we have been running adventures to view the legendary Ice Bear since 1980! Give one of our specialists a call today, and they can help you decide on the best polar bear tour to suit your needs.

Churchill Polar Bear Day Tour Delete Tour (002159-20)
starting atCA$1,399

1 day

Churchill Polar Bear Day Tour
Really short on time? Pop up to Churchill to check on the famous ice bears!
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Bear Country Adventure Delete Tour (809113-20)
starting atCA$2,465

3 days / 2 nights

Bear Country Adventure
Short on time, but want to see Churchill? We've got the perfect stopover program. We designed this itinerary to fit into a bigger tour of Canada. Call one of our specialists to see if the dates work with your schedule.
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Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure Delete Tour (002534A-20)
starting atCA$2,640

7 days / 6 nights

Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure
Enjoy the allure that is Churchill in the summertime, with amazing day trips further north to see the beautiful Polar Bears that have made this town so famous!
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Realm of the Polar Bear Delete Tour (810291-20)
starting atCA$3,599

8 days / 7 nights

Realm of the Polar Bear

Day 1: Arrive Longyearbyen (D)
Get your first glimpses of the midnight sun in Spitsbergen's capital Longyearbyen. Embark the M/S Expedition in the afternoon and depart Longyearbyen in the evening...

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Kingdom of the Ice Bear Delete Tour (008937-20)
starting atCA$4,440

6 days / 5 nights

Kingdom of the Ice Bear
Since 1981 we have been running this fantastic adventure into Churchill, Manitoba. Join us for this Canadian Tourism Commission endorsed adventure to the "Polar Bear Capital of World", Churchill.
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Around Spitsbergen Delete Tour (002078F-20)
starting atUS$4,950

10 days / 9 nights

Around Spitsbergen

Sailing around this remote island group will astonish you. Spitsbergen's...

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Tundra Lodge Adventure Delete Tour (008849B-25)
starting atUS$6,995

7 days / 6 nights

Tundra Lodge Adventure
Stay at the unique Tundra Lodge designed for polar bear observation!
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Mothers & Cubs Adventure Delete Tour (004523A-20)
starting atCA$7,495

7 days / 6 nights

Mothers & Cubs Adventure
Looking to view some of the world's most iconic species, the Polar Bear, before typical "bear viewing" season? This is the perfect adventure for you. You will travel to a remote and rustic area, travel on the land in small vehicles and experience some of the best wildlife viewing possible!
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