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Ten Must Pack Items for Every Traveller

January 15, 2016 | Shauna Cook

You packed your camera, your shoes, your change of clothes and your toiletries, but there are several items that we just know will make your travel adventures even more enjoyable.  Our travel consultant Shauna Cook has come up with her top ten travel items every traveler should take with them.  We love this list because you can easily carry these items in one single large zip-lock bag.  Whenever you have to travel, simply grab your pre-packed bag and tuck it into your suitcase and away you go!

1.       Clothes pins or large clips.  Hotel room curtains do not always stay closed. A large clip will easily hold them closed so you can block out the light and have a good sleep.

2.       Baby wipes or moist towelettes.  These are handy for wiping off airplane table trays and wiping off your hands quickly when needed.  You can buy small packets that will fit into your carry on.

3.       Duct tape.  Yes, you read that right. Duct tape is always handy! You can use it as an emergency lint remover for your suits or sweaters (be careful!), and should your suitcase or backpack split a seam, you have an emergency repair available.

4.       Travel clock with alarm.  Hotel alarm clocks are often confusing to use.  Don’t miss your flight or your train.  Set your own alarm.  Tip: Check the batteries on your clock before you pack it.

5.       Flashlight or head lamp.  Hotel rooms can be dark and unfamiliar, so keeping a flashlight within reach is a good idea. If you’re staying in a hostel or shared accommodations, a flashlight will help you find your way around without disturbing the other travelers.

6.       Small power bar with adaptors.  A small power bar will let you plug in and charge a few devices at once. Be sure to include the adaptors for the countries you are visiting as they may not be the same as what you are used to using at home.

7.       Tissue packets.  When you run into a situation where toilet tissue is scarce or unavailable, having a couple of packets of tissue is a lifesaver!

8.       Ziploc  bags.   If you are traveling with items like lotions, shampoo, toothpaste, having these leakable items in a plastic bag is a really smart idea, especially since some items have been known to burst in flight.

9.       Extra socks and underpants.   Some would argue this should be our number one tip!  Always pack extra socks or underpants.  Should your flight be delayed for any reason or should you decide to extend your vacation a few days, you’ll be prepared!

10.   Extra plastic bags.  A simple used plastic shopping bag is perfect for separating your unwashed laundry items from the rest of your clean clothes and other items in your suitcase for the trip home.

We would love to know what other unique items YOU pack in your bag!  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share your travel tips with our community!