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Five Things to Think About When Planning a Holiday

January 15, 2016 | Margot Kalinowsky

Planning a holiday for yourself or your family may be exciting, but it can be complicated and, dare we say, stressful.  Here at Great Canadian Travel Company we have seen it all – and we know exactly how to put your mind at ease.  Here are a few examples of how you can start the planning for your next adventure.

  1. Ask Yourself What You Need From a Holiday

This may sound like a deep question and, well, maybe it is. Do you feel the need to escape from the chaos of the big city and find peace and quiet and rest?  Perhaps you are tired of the everyday routine you’re in and you really want some action and adventure and the big “wow” moment on your vacation?   Take the time to not only ask yourself how you are feeling now, but how you want to feel when you return from your vacation.  Whether you’re looking to unwind or rev up your life, every holiday can give you a different experience.

  1. Think About Who You’re Traveling With

Are you traveling alone or with a spouse or partner? Are you getting away with your best friend or a group of co-workers? Maybe you’re taking off as a family with kids or grandparents?  You really need to look at their wants, their stamina, and their interests.  We strongly recommend you speak with one of our travel consultants to plan out an itinerary to meet everyone’s needs is a good idea.

  1. Decide What Time of Year to Travel

We understand that a lot of people can only travel at specific times during the year because of work schedules and obligations.  Traveling to a warm destination during a cold winter is always a favorite with Canadians. In fact, it’s popular with people from all over the world, really. We really recommend you book your travel ahead of time so you won’t be disappointed when different tours fill up quickly.  Even so, there are a lot of great warm destinations we can help you travel to.  Different times of year hold different interests, too. Holidays, festivals, cultural celebrations, natural events such as the birth of polar bears are always popular.  Decide when you want to or need to travel and let our travel consultants tell you what your best option is for the best get away.

  1. Keep in Mind Any Physical Limitations

Are you an avid cyclist and hiker? Perhaps you need to have extra leg room or plenty of time to rest between adventures each day.  Some people are not comfortable bouncing in a jeep on rugged terrain or sitting for too long a time.  When planning any kind of trip it is a good idea to speak to a travel consultant who has been on the actual tour you are looking into and who can tell you what physical expectations there might be.  The same goes for dietary restrictions – ask about how we can best accommodate your dietary needs on your holiday.

  1. Decide on Your Budget

A trip of a lifetime doesn’t have to break the bank.   You might want to go on an amazing expedition which will obviously cost you a bit more, but you can easily find something less expensive and just as fulfilling.

Let our travel consultants help you find the trip that will fit your budget, fulfill your needs and the needs of anyone you’re traveling with, be comfortable for you, and make that vacation time you have be the best time of your life.   We have been everywhere and we want to help YOU fulfill your travel dreams. It’s what we do!