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One of my favorite restaurants in Reykjavik

January 16, 2016 | Ian Kalinowsky

“Tapas” is an upscale restaurant very close to the harbour in Reykjavik. Would be a great place to go with a group as the portion sizes were very large. There was also a “chef selection” of 6 items that cost 7500 ISK (about $75 CDN). Various groups that I spoke to found the food, and the prices, to be exceptional.

  1. Saltfish with chorizo in a tomato and date sauce.
    1. The highlight was the tomato and date sauce which absolutely shined and provided an exceptional level of taste to the saltfish. Pairing a fish with a sausage was also very interesting and it was the chorizo that was in fact “saltier” than the saltfish which given their respective names would not have been expected.
  2. Rack of lamb in a samfaira and mint sauce
    1. Done medium rare the lamb was exceptional. I would have preferred if the mint sauce was a little “more minty” as it seemed to lack that bite that comes from using enough mint in a sauce.

I had only 2 of some 60 possible tapas selections and it would have been a true pleasure to have dined their every night. It is “underground” and you have the feeling that you are going into a cavern or a cellar. The manager was exceptional as I was the only single diner and he seemed to spend a fair amount of time talking to me about the food.

I will definitely be dining again on my next trip.