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Why Cruise Iceland?

January 01, 2017 | Shauna Cook

Iceland is considered one of the world’s hottest international destinations right now for several reasons:

1.  Safety. Iceland comes out on top on most lists of safest places to visit worldwide.
2.  Nature. Iceland has it all –  pristine coastlines, glaciers and volcanoes galore. Hiking, kayaking and taking in the incredible views are among many ways to experience this land of contrasts.
It’s easy to get to. With several airlines offering flights to Iceland from an ever increasing number of gateways getting this is easier than before.  Airfares are competitively prices, with advance purchase and seat sale fares often on offer.

Why take an Iceland ProCruises trip?

1.  Iceland is a maritime country. Cruises allow you to see the country as the early explorers did (but much more comfortably) – arriving at ports by sea and then going inland to explore.
2.  There is a major hotel shortage in Iceland, especially in smaller villages and towns.   Last year, hotel space was basically “sold out” by the middle of February for the period May to September.  This year we started getting sold out messages in late December.  Think of your cruise ship as a floating hotel!  You have a room that you return to each evening, only unpack once, maximizing your sightseeing time.  You will arrive in the ports early in the morning and then you have a wide range of optional activities to enjoy the area.
3.  You can be as active (or inactive) as you like.  Optional excursions range from kayaking, whale watching, hiking, fishing, horseback riding and golfing to bus tours, some with a special focus such as a Viking Sushi tasting and visiting local museums.
4.  Who doesn’t want to travel with Vikings? Iceland ProCruises is proudly Icelandic owned! Their guides are passionate about their country and everything Iceland (and Greenland). There’s nothing better than local knowledge to enhance your experience and make your trip the best it can be.