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The Perfect Day – On an African Safari

June 20, 2017 | Margot Kalinowsky

It is pitch black. I open my eyes, but wonder if they’re actually open. That’s how dark it is. The noise of the night is even still active. The crickets and frogs are the quietest noises compared to the roars of the lions, the giggles of the hyenas, and the squawks of the Francolin bird that has gone on all night.

It is 5:30 am and we are eagerly anticipating another day of exciting animal sighting, informational facts and the beauty of the area; let alone the suspense of what is going to come through the woods at us.

It is now 6 o’clock and the sun is just coming up and we are enjoying a delicious breakfast over a warm smouldering fire. Our guides and camp managers are discussing what the plan for the day is. The known, for sure, is that we will see some incredible animal encounters and will be blown away by the beauty, or the drama, that will unfold.

After an exciting morning of zebras, elephants, and lions, we are back at camp, ready for a delicious brunch/lunch. The food is always incredible with salads, homemade bread, cheese platters, and eggs made to order.

Our bellies full, we are ready to sit by the pool with a view or nap in our spacious and beautifully designed tent. Wait… a pool with a view? What I mean to say is the waterhole. Right in front of the pool, the animals are drinking and congregating at the waterhole which lets us watch our own mini safari right in front of our camp.

Four o’clock rolls around and it is tea time. A delicious selection of sweet cakes or savoury treats, and cold or hot tea is served as our sun downer order is taken for our evening cocktail on the Savannah.

Once again we are off on our safari and are looking forward to what the evening game drive might bring. What will we see this time? It will be dark by the time we get back to camp so we could be lucky enough to see some of the fascinating nocturnal animals that tend to be more elusive.

We arrive back at the camp to enjoy a premium cocktail, expertly prepared by the camp bartender. We sit in front of the bush TV (aka the bonfire) and to excitingly discuss the incredible sightings we have seen during our thrilling day out on safari.

A delicious gourmet 3-course dinner caps off our perfect day. For our safety, as it is dark, we are escorted back to our tent. As we settle ourselves for a noise-filled evening of lion roars, hyena giggles we breathe in the fresh air of the jungle and close our eyes. A perfect ending to a perfect day on Safari.