Brunson, Connor & Michael – Canadian Arctic

August 20, 2018 | Allison Silvaggio

Many thanks to Great Canadian Travel for helping us have a wonderful trip to Nunavut. The locations we went to were truly breathtaking, and everything such as air travel and hotels ran as smoothly as it could have. We didn’t encounter any issues on our trip and Inukpak outfitters in Iqaluit was a very good choice for us. The people at the parks office in Pangnirtung were very helpful when it came to finding information about park entry, what outfitters to talk to about excursions, and what local hikes to do in the area. Some of the best hikes we took were the hikes along the Ukama trail that followed the river that runs through Pangnirtung, the hike up Mount Duval, and the hike we took to a mountain further out in the bay. The views from all of the hikes were amazing, because of the vast differences in terrain along with the waterfalls, overlooks, and ice flows we were able to see. Thank you to Great Canadian Travel for making a great trip so great.