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British Seaside

July 27, 2017 | Shauna Cook

To my husband who was born in England, nothing is better on a hot summer day than visiting the seaside. On a recent trip back to visit his family we spent the day in two small seaside towns, Herne Bay and Whitstable – which in my opinion has the best fish and chips in the world!

For my husband, the highlight was the penny arcades! While these aren’t as popular here in the North America anymore, these are very common place at the seaside in the UK. His lovely Nan saved him a whole bag of 2p coins for him to gamble away at the penny arcades – it doesn’t take long! The look on his face when he was playing was amazing, it was like he was a kid again.











For me, the highlight is a close tie between the warm coastal breeze and those fish and chips! There is just something about eating proper British fish and chips by the seaside that just seems so perfect! Traditional Fish and Chips are served in newsprint paper and when eaten by the sea, there is nothing to compare it to. To add to the perfection, follow up the fish and chips with an ice cream 99 – the perfect seaside meal! A 99 is an ice cream cone with vanilla soft serve and Flake chocolate stuck in the top.