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Travel With a Purpose

November 08, 2019 | John Lelis


Travel With a Purpose is the new trend in travel that is changing the industry and bringing people together. Besides a holiday or a well-deserved rest, when was the last time you traveled and asked yourself why? Why that destination, why that route, why those activities on the road?

Traveling is representative of life. If you listen to your inner voice and follow your heart, you will find the places that speak out to you, that reach out and touch you, and which make you feel like you’re “home”. Find something meaningful to you that can motivate you to book a ticket and take that trip. There are so many ways you can travel with a purpose. The important thing is that it has purpose for YOU. If it’s enjoyable or brings meaning to you, it will be a good motivation to travel.


Here are just a few suggestions for Travel With a Purpose:
Take a food or wine tour. These will introduce you to the local cuisine and wine varieties and their connections with the culture, in a unique way.
Sign up for a photography class. Many photography classes are taught as part of a tour, which not only show you how to take better photos, but also introduce you to an interesting destination.
Learn another language. Even if you can’t commit to a full semester, a week in another culture can be an enriching experience. You can even opt for a family stay in most places.


Go on a yoga or spa retreat. Combine the health benefits of yoga and spa treatments with visits to stunning, scenic places and return home feeling relaxed but energized, all at the same time.
Whip up a meal. Cooking is another great way to learn about a different culture and cuisine. Choose a half day, full day, or even a week long course to try your hand at the local foods of a country you want to visit.
Travel into a favorite book, TV series or movie. Visiting the setting of one of your favorite books or series of books, TV show or movie can help bring the story alive.


What are your ideas to Travel With a Purpose? Bring them to us and let us personalize a program that will help you Create Your Best Days Ever!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at John@gctravel.ca.