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Tianna’s Best Days Ever!

December 04, 2019 | Archived Blogs

My best day ever started at sunrise in the Negev Desert at the Khan Be’erotayim Eco-lodge. After a quick and delicious traditional Bedouin breakfast it was time to begin my first camel riding adventure. The Khan is home to a herd of beautiful camels and after introductions and a safety briefing it was time to climb aboard.

photo credit: Israel Ministry of Tourism & Eyal Harel

Camels are very tall and I am not, so getting onto my camel was a challenge of its own. After a helpful hand and a gentle push up, I successfully made it onto the camel! It was time for some pictures and the start of the journey. If you have ever seen a camel, you will know how they fold in on themselves when they sit and the steep angle and jolting motion as they stand was startling. It was also at this moment that I took notice of how high up I was sitting and how far down the ground was and while it was a little unsettling the views of the desert from this perspective made it all worth it.

photo credit: Israel Ministry of Tourism & Eyal Harel

As we departed the Khan in a camel caravan, I adjusted to the movements of the camel as she picked her way across the rocky landscape. I settled in and relaxed as we travelled over the hills and through the valleys that surround the Khan, in a peaceful silence disturbed only by the sound of camel feet. The secluded location of the Khan was the perfect spot to enjoy a camel ride and the cool desert just after sunrise was the perfect time of day for this experience.


All too soon we headed back to the Khan and it was time to dismount and say goodbye. The steep angle and jolting motion as the camel sat down was just as startling as when she stood up, but dismounting was easier as it was a short jump down to solid ground. After some farewell pets I said goodbye to my camel and continued my journey through the majestic Negev Desert. This unique experience is the highlight of my time in the Negev and my best day ever!